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About ADC - Automatic Devices Company

Automatic Devices Company - Curtain Tracks and Machines

Since 1919 the name “ADC” has been synonymous with quality products, smooth and dependable operation, and prompt, courteous service. Each product is fabricated in our factory, by factory trained craftsmen and is given individualized attention. We do not subscribe to the concept of “planned obsolescence.” Our products are built to last.

ADC offers a full line of curtain tracks, curtain machine operators, curtain lift systems, and controls. We are the originators of stage curtain track systems, having developed most of the technology currently use in the stage curtain industry. We continue to innovate, design and manufacture right here in the USA (Allentown, Pennsylvania).

Our newest products offer reliable, accurate, affordable theatrical automation that operates on Art-Net and are packed with safety features. Check out the features of our new ConTour Winch for automation aspects that will soon be available across many of our machines.

Since we design and fabricate in-house, we can offer full design services. If you need a standard part customized or a custom system developed, built and tested, we can handle it easily and quickly.

We are experts at creating curtain track systems, and we do them better than any other firm. We do NOT do rigging, lighting, curtains, or scenery panels. We concentrate on providing the best curtain track systems possible to the theatrical and architectural industries, period.

If you want a time tested, engineered, craftsman grade, dependable curtain track system from a reliable company with a 100 year track record, then you want an ADC curtain track system. Our products are sold through authorized dealers only, so rest assured you will be purchasing our equipment from someone with an extensive knowledge of our products and their installation. We are proud to be associated with this closely-knit family. Their continuing loyalty to ADC is one of the major reasons why we enjoy the reputation of being the leading, largest and foremost manufacturer of stage tracks and curtain machines in the world.

Personalized Service and Custom Applications

"You know who you're doing business with when you do business with ADC!" When you contact us, you'll be in touch with a receptive and interested person working to provide you with the best service possible. On occasion we are presented with applications that require custom design and fabrication. We welcome these inquiries that may require non-catalog products. The ADC staff will make every effort to supply the proper equipment to meet your specific requirements. As a progressive manufacturer, we pledge to improve our equipment, where possible, and to introduce new products to meet the changing needs of our industry.