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Lift Machines

Automatic Devices offers a wide range of lift machines designed to fit most any lift curtain application. ADC offers basic lift machines for lifting banners and gym divider curtains, as well as lift machines with electronic intelligence for applications involving acoustical and performance curtains.  

Lift machines are available from 1/2 to 5 horsepower with lift capacities up to 1500 pounds. ADC can provide everything from simple toggle switch control to, push-button control, automation control and interfacing, or fully programmable multiple machine lift control. We also offer motorized line shaft systems which are custom fabricated to mount to a variety of overhead structural materials. These systems can be provided with individual helical groove or pile-on drums for each lift line. Line shaft systems are becoming very popular due to their ease of installation and compact design.

Please contact your ADC dealer or ADC directly at with your lift curtain specifications. We will be happy to point out the machines that will best suit your particular application.