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ConTour™ Winches

ADC ConTour Winches are spotline winches that provide professional grade theatrical automation controlled by the protocol of your choice, at prices never before seen. Control these winches using protocols such as Art-Net, sACN, Modbus, or the ADC Axis1 Controller. For the first time, control your equipment from a modern lighting desk without sacrificing either budget or the safety and sophistication that you expect in professional automation. 

The Contour Winch flagship product is perfect for lightweight scenery, lighting and props. Provides up to 50lb lift capacity, 45 ft of silent kevlar lift-line, SIL3 safety compliance, and supports Art-Net, sACN or Modbus TCP protocols. The ConTour Winch SDR 25 (Smart Data Reel) passes power and CAT6 data down its proprietary flat, 25 ft lift-line and is perfect for flying small moving lights, video panels, or powered speakers, among other types of small scenic and lighting elements.

ConTour Winch SDR25    ConTour Winch