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 ADC switching devices allow for the switching of "walk-along" curtains from one track to as many as five tracks in a fan-shaped arrangement. By pulling a pendant, a pivoted section of track channel can be moved to one of two, three, four, or five switching positions. A spring-loaded hinge positions the pivoted section to provide proper alignment with the desired curtain track. The operating cable and both pendants can be located on either side of the switch or one pendant on each side. The cables can also be extended to run over pulleys to a remote location or can be operated at the switch itself through the use of a PP-1 Positioning Pole.  Switchers must be rigidly supported to a stabile overhead structure for proper performance. 

Now you can swap out a variety of backgrounds into your studio space to suit your broadcast or sponsors.  Also great for multi-use performance spaces, houses of worship and corporate event centers where a simple change in the backdrop can transform your space to suit your application or presentation. 

143-R Switch   143-CC Cross Switch   143-5 Fan Switch  


Fan-shaped switching devices are designed for use on "WALK-ALONG" tracks (Models 142, 142-R, 422 and 422-R).

Note: Track switchers can not be flush mounted to the ceiling. If used with a flush mounted track system, an opening in the ceiling surface will have to be made to allow for the top of the switching device.

Left and right hand switchers, for model 142, 422 and 502 track systems, offer the option of motorized operation (MTWS).