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Masking Machines

Masking machines are designed to operate side as well as top and bottom screen masking panels, allowing multiple format (size) films to be used on the same screen without edge bleeding of the image.  Unique to Automatic Devices' Machines is the ability to operate these types of panels without the need of bulky and troublesome counterweight systems.  Automatic Devices Company's masking machines are capable of moving even heavy masking panels as stand-alone units.  Used in movie theatres since the 1940s these machines have a proven track record of reliability and long trouble-free life cycles. 

For media rooms with multiple projection formats such as slide, flat, scope, wide, presentation, etc our masking machines can be equipped the optional LogiStop® controller which provides up to 20 preset programmable masking positions.  It takes only 3 keystrokes to program a stop and the inputs for the LogiStop® are optically isolated circuits making them compatible with nearly any type of theatre automation control.

Masking machines are available with sprocket, flat spool or grooved drum outputs and are available in a wide variety of horsepower making them applicable for use in everything from home theatre to large screen theatres.

Automatic Devices Company's masking machines also are UL and/or ETL listed which is a requirement in most public theatre spaces.

940 (1460/2910) Machine   936SFR Machine