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ConTour™ Winch

Finally! Reliable, Affordable Theatrical Automation That Operates on Art-Net & Packed with Safety Features.

Part No. CN050001. The ConTour Winch is a professional grade, zero fleet, spotline winch designed with an emphasis on safety and ease of use. Use it when you need accurate, reliable, safe automation of curtains, props, lightweight scenery and special effects. The ConTour Winch has a 50lb dynamic load capacity, a travel speed of 0 - 3ft/sec and 60ft (18m) of lift-line travel. Its lightweight, compact size allows the ConTour to fit in tight rigging packs, or to mount completely within the frame of ADC’s 14” automation truss making truck pack and load in a breeze. The ConTour Winch can be controlled via a variety of protocols including Modbus, DMX via Art-Net or sACN or via Axis1, ADC’s programmable touchscreen controller.

Built To Work Anywhere

Packed with features to make your job easier, the ConTour Winch was designed by theatrical automation professionals. Hard points in the steel enclosure allow for a variety of mounting options including cheeseboros and direct bolt attachment. The unit can operate in a standard line-down orientation, horizontal draw, oblique angle or inverted, provided the system remains under minimal tension. On-board jog controls allow a technician to operate the winch locally during set up, and to override an e-stop error directly from the winch. The user selectable, switched power supply means ConTour Winch can be installed in virtually any venue around the world. Data and power can be daisy chained to simplify cable runs.

Engineered For Safety

The ConTour Winch was designed from the ground up with the highest safety standards in mind: - SIL3 compliant, - Emergency stop circuit over ethernet (eliminaing the need for additional cable runs), - 24VDC primary, power-off brake ensures safe conditions in the event of a power loss, - User programmable over-current shut down. The ConTour Winch has been reviewed, approved, and stamped by an independent engineering firm for mechanical design and SIL3 compliance and has certification from internationally recognized testing laboratories to ensure compliance when used in venues all around the world.

Quiet, Hassle-free Zero-fleet Mechanical Design

The heart of the Contour Winch’s zero fleet design is ADC’s patented yo-yo drum which uses a flat, ½” fire-rated Kevlar webbing and quick attach system. Using webbing instead of traditional aircraft cable makes the ConTour Winch’s lift line virtually silent and ensures smooth motion as the ribbon winds up cleanly around the pile-on sheave – no snarls, tangles or wire kinks. Dual roller guides allow the ConTour Winch to be mounted up to 30-degrees off-axis to the direction of the lift-line’s travel. The guide assembly can be easily adjusted for inside, outside or center alignment of the lift line. The Kevlar lift line is quickly attached and detached tool-free by just slipping its eyelet over the mounting post, speeding up load-in and maintenance.


Size: 11.75 in x 10.75 in x 14. 625 in (299 x 274 x 372 mm)

Weight: 43 lbs (19.5kg)

Capacity: 50lbs (22.7kg) at 50% duty cycle; 35lbs (15.9kg) @ 100% duty cycle

Lift Height: 60ft (18.25m)

Speed Lift Line: 0-3 ft / sec

Power: 110 to 220 VAC 50/60 hz (field selectable); 690 W (6A @ 120VAC, 3A @ 220 VAC) 

Connector: Powercon True 1 Input and Output Power Linking: 3@ 120VAC, 6@ 220VAC

Control: Modbus, Art-Net, sACN, TwinCAT

DMX: 6 channels

Data Cable: Ethercon / RJ45

Local Control: Jog Up / Jog Down

The following video shows a behind-the-scenes peek at an early, development test of the new ConTour winch, rigged to lift a curtain in the background and some lines of lighter and heavier weight sandbags in the foreground.



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