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Larger Draw Curtain Machines

Automatic Devices offers a wide range of machines designed to operate its track systems. These machines are referred to as draw machines since they "draw" the curtains open and closed.  All ADC machines are equipped with limit switches for at least the full open and full closed positions. Options are available to allow up to 20 pre-programmed limit stops or cues.  

Draw machines are available with helical groove drums or dual groove wheel outputs.  If the track system is curved, you almost always want to use a helical grooved machine.  Straight layouts can benefit from the smaller size and end of track location of wheel drive machines.

Automatic Devices offers draw machines capable of moving curtains weighing from 20 to 2000 pounds.

Most ADC machines are furnished with low voltage control circuits (24vac) making them compatible with most automation systems on the market today.  ADC machines are available in 120 volt single-phase, 220 volt single-phase,  230 volt three-phase and 460 volt three-phase configurations.

Most importantly, most all Automatic Devices Company's machines are UL and/or ETL listed. Note that this listing if for the machine in its entirety, not just the electrical control, or components of the machine, but the entire machine.  ADC sends their complete machines for UL and ETL testing.  Don't be fooled by partial or component listings.

Automatic Devices is confident that we have, or can manufacture, a draw machine to suit any application you may have.

Some examples of our draw curtain machines:


 6505 Machine   2960 Machine  

 934 Machine

  2928/2917 Machine