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CWANA Drawings

What's a CWANA drawing?

For visitors unfamiliar with our product line, CWANA (KA-WON-A) is an acronym for "Comes with All Necessary Accesories". CWANA was established to help make ordering our track systems easier.  Rather than trying to remember what parts go with various models and configurations, our systems can be ordered with a CWANA code.  By simply providing the width and height of the curtain and the Model track desired, a CWANA package will be delivered with all of the components needed to assemble a fully operational system.

So, with that in mind, CWANA drawings are single CAD drawings that include all of the various components for the various model track systems we offer.  The drawings are drawn to full scale, so the individual items can be cut and pasted into your project drawings.  By downloading a  single drawing, you have drawings for most all of the standard parts available for that model track.