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2960,2961,2962,2963 Machines

Specifically designed for projects requiring curtain machines which can fit in narrow pockets, these machines are capable of operating acoustic curtain track systems up to 75' in length (layout dependent) and curtains weighing up to 500 pounds. The control box for these machines is provided either tethered to the machine with 6' of flexible conduit, or mounted to the machine base. Operation is stop/start/reverse from any point of travel. Control voltage is a 24 VAC Class 2 circuit.  The machine can be connected to most automation systems via contact closures.

Standard machine features:

  • Dual N-grooved wheel for minimum slippage
  • Fixed or tethered control box for flexibility in installing in tight pockets
  • Remote control station (RCS-1)
  • 24 VAC Class 2 low voltage control circuit
  • Protective guard covering moving components
  • Track mounted, direct strike, limit switches for precise positioning
  • Manual overide provision
  • Approximate shipping weight 90 pounds

Curtain machine shall be fully automatic type equipped with a 1/2 HP fixed speed AC motor directly driving a right-angle gear reduction unit, on the output shaft of which shall be mounted a dual N-grooved drive wheel. Cable tension shall be provided by an integral adjustable tension pulley. Drive wheel shall deliver a fixed cable speed of 90 feet per minute or 45 feet per minute depending on model. Mechanism shall include magnetic contactor to provide reversing action at any point along the travel and shall include a pair of three-button control switch sets, one mounted on the machine's control box and one for use as a remote control. Control switch wiring shall be accomplished through a low voltage (24 VAC) system running from the machine control box to the remote control switch station. Track mounted limit switches shall provide stop signals to machine for full open and full close positions. Machine shall be equipped with disconnect switch, overload protective circuit breaker and control protective circuit breaker. The entire machine shall be mounted on a heavy steel base with protective guards for all moving parts. The machine shall carry an ETL or UL listing. Model 2960, 2961, 2962 & 2963 as manufactured by Automatic Devices Company of Allentown, PA.


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