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143-4 Fan Switch 4-way

ADC switching devices allow for the switching of "walk-along" curtains from one track to as many as five tracks in a fan-shaped arrangement. By pulling a pendant, a pivoted section of track channel can be moved to one of two, three, four, or five switching positions. A spring-loaded lever positions the pivoted section to provide proper alignment with the desired curtain track. The operating cable and both pendants can be located on either side of the switch or one pendant on each side. The cables can also be extended to run over pulleys to a remote location or can be operated at the switch itself through the use of No. PP-1 Positioning Pole.

Available in 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 switching layouts. Available for track models 1400, 1300, and 4200 track only.


Switch bases shall be constructed of painted, machined 1/8" steel. Switches shall be equipped with Model 1400 11 gauge extruded aluminum I-beam track milled for precise alignment in either switch position. Base plate of device shall be 1/8" steel machined to allow plate and attached track to freely move from position 1 to position 5. Operation of switch shall be via 1/8" 7 x 19 wire center operating cable attached to two (2) painted steel weights. Steel operating cable shall pass over two (2) ball-bearing equipped steel sheaves secured to steel base of switch via steel mounting straps and hardware. Mounting base shall be equipped with openings for attachment to overhead structural members (unit cannot be flush mounted to ceiling). Model 143-(3)(4)(5) as manufactured by Automatic Devices Company of Allentown, PA.


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