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1337-A (BL) Nylon Ball-Bearing Single Carrier

This is a single carrier with a "bumper" style body that prevents wheels of adjacent carrier from coming in contact with the carrier wheels.  This is the best carrier in the Model 132 Flex-I-Track® series and is the standard carrier of a Model 132-C CWANA system.  It is designed for improved weight capaicty, operation and durability. 

The body of the carrier is constructed of plated steel supported from 2 solid nylon-tired ball-bearing equipped wheels. The carriers are supplied with a steel plated swivel for free, effortless curtain movement. Model 1337ABL supplied in black powder coat finish.

Recommended carrier spacing: 12"

Carrier width: Approximately 1-1/8".

Weight:  1 - 3 oz.


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