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Tom Thumb Machines

The ADC Tom Thumb series curtain machines are designed for instances were a standard draw machine will not fit or would be too powerful for the application.  High-end residential window treatments, home theatres, trade show booths, board rooms, private screening rooms, press-media rooms & movie projection screen masking are just some of examples where a Tom Thumb machine might be employed.  Depending on the model, the Tom Thumb machine may be equipped with a drive wheel, drive sprocket or grooved drum for its output.

Tom Thumb machines range in horsepower from 1/8 HP  (all 1003 & 1002 models) to 1/30 HP (all 872, 873, 579 models).  The default input voltage for any Tom Thumb machines is 120 volts, 60 hertz.  Alternative input voltage models are available upon request.   Current draw on Tom Thumb machines is minimal, 3/4 of an amp or lower for most models. 

Control circuitry for some Tom Thumb models is a full voltage three-position maintained toggle switch.  With these full votltage control units, only one remote control station can be used.  Most Tom Thumb machines are manufactured with magnetic control systems (MCS). These units have 24 volt low voltage control circuitry and are supplied with momentary contact push-button remote control stations. Any number of remotes (RCS-2) can be used with MCS type machines. Most MCS machines have machine-mounted control and are supplied with one RCS-2.  Additional remotes may be purchased as extras.  

Tom Thumb machines are equipped with fully adjustable cam type limit switch assemblies.  These provide user definable pre-set stops for "Full Open" and "Full Closed" positions.  The model 579 is the one exception.  It is supplied with track mounted limit switches.  

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