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Curtain Machine for 160 series

The machine operator for the Model 160 Moto-Trac® incorporates a 1/30 HP gearmotor and N-grooved drive wheel, along with low-voltage controls.  The machine's limit switches are activated directly by the track carriers, single carriers for the OPEN direction and Model 1602R for the CLOSED direction.  The machine can be located at either the right or left end of the track (specify when ordering) and operated by a wired remote control station or by optional wireless remote control.

When specifying the location of the machine operator (left or right) the view is standing in the room, looking out the window with the track system mounted above the window.


This machine provides full START/STOP/REVERSE actions from any point of travel.  The control voltage is 24 VDC, which makes it compatible with most automation systems.  This is hardwired machine, all field connections are to screw type terminal strips located inside of the machine enclosure.

(See description of Tom Thumb® Model 872-MCS for electrical characteristics.)

This machine is UL listed.

Approximately: 7" long x 4-1/8" wide x 10-1/4" high.

Weight:  1 - 14 lbs.


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