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Axis1™ Touch Controller

The Axis1™ Touch Controller, winner of Best New Product at LDI 2023, combines the ease of use of a pendant with the sophistication of a cue/scene/group programming station. Use on stage during tech or load in for safe, line of sight set up or operate the Axis1 as your main control desk during performance and events. For maximum sophistication, add an art-net lighting desk into the network for integrated cueing with lighting and projection.

Built to work anywhere

Use the Axis1 to easily configure and provision your ADC ConTour™ Winches or T-Lift™ 2.0. Jog using on screen soft buttons, set limits, scaling, acceleration and deceleration ramps, timings and store up to 32 multi-axis groups. Customizable layout, labels and color fills let you configure each screen exactly as you want. Access to the controller can be limited by login for administrators or users, and remote support login may be enabled for easy trouble-shotting. The Axis1 Touch Controller fits in your hands, on a desktop or in a wall-mount station.

Engineered for safety

The soul of the Axis1 Touch Controller is the Axis1 Automation Platform – ADC’s innovative system control technology where ease-of-use is married with the highest possible safety standards. Using POE (power over ethernet) Axis1 achieves e-stop over virtual wire, eliminating the need for a secondary physical e-stop circuit. This Sil3 compliant e-stop functionality is available over the same Cat 6 Ethercon networking cable used for data control and can be distributed throughout your existing network architecture – a massive savings in time and money. Add additional Axis1 E-Stop nodes anywhere you have a network jack. Axis1 Automation Platform is ready for Modbus control, Art-Net, or sACN and can be customized for use with a variety of additional protocols.

At a glance

• 7” LCD capacitive touch screen

• Extruded aluminum case

• Hand held and wall mount options

• Integrated power and E-stop over Cat 6 Ethercon cable (E-Stop over virtual wire)

• Single and multi-axis jog control • Configuration wizard for setting scaling and axis control

• User defined axis naming and direction settings

• Edit Position, Speed, Color, Name for up to 32 multi axis scenes with variable speed and position

• Axis current monitoring and current limiting

• Remote drive programming and parameter editing

• Easy integration, testing and setup tools

• Grouping function to provide synchronization and position error

• USB Interface for remote Ethernet, Wi-Fi, keyboard, or user security interfaces

• Admin and User level controls

• Remote support / Login capabilities for updates, user training and troubleshooting

Axis1 Controller
Axis1 Controller