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9507-TV Hercules®

Hercules ® Model 9507TV is the most powerful lift machine of the the ADC line. Equipped with electronic frequency drive control, this machine provides versatility and protection for the most demanding lift applications. The 9507TV machine offers a multitude of parameters that can be programmed in the field to meet almost any project requirement speed, maximum obtainable speed, acceleration ramp time and deceleration ramp time are easily changed right at the drive. The machine is also equipped with deceleration limit switches which allow the machine to gradually decelerate to a stop, dissipating inertial energy rather than abruptly stopping at the end of its travel. The machine does feature emergency overtravel limit switches and fast stop push buttons which bypass the deceleration ramp and shut the machine off immediately in the event of a problem during operation. The operation of these machines is Start/Stop/Reverse/Fast-Stop from any point of travel and low voltage controls is standard (some machines also require a remote reset button at the remote control station). If versatility and power are a requirement, the Model 9507TV is an excellent choice.

Standard unit is equipped with:

  • Lift capacity 1200 pounds
  • Rotary Limit Switches for decelerate to full open and decelerate to full closed positions as well as immediate stop over travel limits for the open and close directions
  • Low Voltage Control - 24 vac
  • Remote Control Station (RCS1-TV)
  • Fast stop (F-Stop) loop and pushbutton which provides instantaneous stop of the machine, bypassing the deceleration ramps
  • Variable speed operation from 0 to 54 fpm
  • Machine Guard
  • Helical Grooved Drum 14"L x 6"D provides up to 55' of travel
  • Channel Steel Base
  • Connects to 230 volt, 3-phase power sources (208 volt , 3-phase is available as an option)
  • Approximate shipping weight 350 pounds

Lift machine shall be fully automatic type equipped with 5 HP motor, with magnetic friction brake, right angle gear reducer on the output drive shaft of which shall be mounted elevator-type grooved cable drum and outboard bearing to support and align extended shaft. Drum shall deliver a variable cable speed of 0 to 54 feet per minute. Machine shall be direct drive with no couplings, belts, or chains on the drive section of the machine. Brakemotor shall be mounted directly to the gear reduction unit which shall incorporate a single solid steel shaft on its output to which the grooved steel drum shall be affixed. The solid steel shaft shall be supported by the gear reduction unit on one end and a flange bearing on its remaining end. Mechanism shall include an electronic frequency drive to provide variable speed and reversing action at any point along the travel and shall include four-button control station (five button if reset is required) mounted on unit and one for use as a remote control. Control switch wiring shall be accomplished through a low voltage system running from the control box on the machine to the remote control station. Integral rotary limit switches shall be driven from output shaft of gear reduction unit. Machine shall be equipped with overload protective and electronic frequency drive protection. The entire mechanism shall be mounted on heavy steel base. Model 9507TV as manufactured by Automatic Devices Company of Allentown, PA.


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