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2905TV Silver Service®, 6505TV,7005TV Hercules®

Models 2905-TV, 6505-TV and 7005-TV combine versatility with the power and drum capacity needed to operate large draw curtains. Equipped with electronic frequency drives, the TV series machines are the most versatile in the ADC line. Designed for draw applications, these machines offer a multitude of parameters that can be programmed in the field to meet a variety of applications. Parameters such as run speed, maximum obtainable speed, minimum obtainable speed, acceleration ramp time and deceleration ramp time are easily changed at the drive. Each machine is provided with deceleration limit switches which allow the machine to decelerate to a stop rather than abruptly stop at the end of its travel. These machines also feature emergency overtravel limit switches and push buttons which bypass the deceleration ramp time and shut the machine off immediately. The operation of these machines is Start/Stop/Reverse/Fast-Stop from any point of travel and low voltage control is standard. If versatility is a project requirement, this series of machines is the best option.

A Cable Tension Device is included as standard equipment. A magnetic brake, for precise stopping, is available as an option.

Model differences are based on horsepower of motor used.  Configuration and size is same for all models.

Standard unit is equipped with:

  • Cable Tension Device (CTD)
  • Rotary Limit Switches for decel to full open decel to full closed positions as well as overtravel.
  • Low Voltage Control - 24 VAC
  • Remote Control Station (RCS1-TV)
  • Fast stop (F-Stop) loop and pushbutton which provides instantaneous stop of the machine, bypassing the deceleration ramps.
  • Variable speed operation from 0 to 72 fpm
  • Machine Guard
  • Helical Grooved Drum 12"L x 8"D
  • Channel Steel Base
  • Connects to 120 volt power supply (208 volt and 230 volt, 3-phase or 220 volt single phase is available as options)
  • Approximate shipping weight 245 pounds

Curtain machines shall be fully automatic type equipped with ... HP motor connected to gear unit, on the output drive shaft of which shall be mounted elevator-type grooved aluminum cable drum and outboard bearing to support and align extended shaft. Cable tension device shall be provided to help automatically remove slack from cable and retain cable within drum grooves. Drum shall deliver a  variable cable speed of 0-72 feet per minute. Mechanism shall include electronic frequency drive to provide reversing action at any point along the travel and shall include three-button control switch (four button if reset button is requried at remote station) mounted on unit and one for remote control. Control switch wiring shall be accomplished through low voltage control system running from the machine to the remote control control station. Limit switch shall be driven from the output drive shaft of gear reduction unit. Machine shall be equipped with disconnect switch, overload protective breaker and emergency hand crank for conversion to hand operation in the event of a power loss. The entire mechanism shall be mounted on heavy steel base. Model ... as manufactured by Automatic Devices Company of Allentown, PA.


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