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963 Autodrape®

Model 963 is a lift machine devised to raise and lower top masking, Austrian shades, and motion picture screens. Its maximum load capacity of 100 pounds falls between the lightweight Model 1003 and the heavier duty Model 2906 machines. It is equipped with a special reversing motor which permits instantaneous Stop, Start, and Reverse action from any point of travel. This machine is not equipped with a magnetic friction brake and some drift may occur when a stop command is issued. A relatively high reduction in the gear unit helps minimize this drifting. 

  • Rotary Limit Switches for full open and full closed positions.
  • Full Voltage Control (motor voltage and amperage runs through the remote control switch)
  • One (1) toggle type remote control station (only one may be used with this series)
  • Flat (un-grooved) Spool 4"L x 4"D
  • Channel Steel Base
  • Connects to 120 volt power supply
  • ETL Listing on the entire machine, not just the control box
  • Approximate shipping weight 100 pounds

Curtain machines shall be fully automatic type equipped with 1/4 HP special reversing motor connected through V-belt drive to single reduction gear unit, on the output shaft of which shall be mounted an un-grooved cable spool delivering a cable speed of 18 feet per minute. Remote control shall provide reversing action at any point along elevated travel and shall be composed of three-position, stationary maintained contact toggle-type switch. Integral rotary limit switch assembly shall be driven from output of gear reduction unit. Machine shall be equipped with disconnect switch, automatic overload  protective breaker, and emergency hand crank for conversion to hand operation. The entire mechanism shall be mounted on a steel base. Model 963 as manufactured by Automatic Devices Company of Allentown, PA.


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