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872, 872MCS Tom Thumb® Machine

The 872 series TOM THUMB® machines are designed for use with small board and conference room curtains or in applications that require more torque than a 579 series machine, but less than the torque of a large stage machine. Used primarily with the Model 113 SPECIFINE ® track system, the Model 872 is completely automatic and includes limit switches which provide user definable pre-set stops. Model 872-MCS includes a low voltage magnetic control system for operation from more than one location and also to ease connection to automation systems.

Fixed cable spped of 50 fpm.

UL/ETL Listed

Approximate shipping weight: 30 pounds


Curtain machines shall be fully automatic type equipped with 1/30HP motor and built-in gear reduction unit on the output drive shaft of which shall be mounted an N-grooved wheel delivering a cable speed of 50 feet per minute equivalent to curtain separation speed of 1.6 feet per second. Mechanism shall include remote control switch of either three-position maintained toggle type, or three-button type to provide reversing action at any point along the travel. Machine shall be equipped with ball-bearing idler wheels, automatic overload protective fuse, and facility for conversion to hand operation. The entire mechanism shall be mounted on base for securing to floor or other appropriate means of attachment. Model 872as manufactured by Automatic Devices Company of Allentown, PA. (With magnetic control system, Model 872-MCS.)


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