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1003, 1003MCS Tom Thumb® Machine

Models 1003 and 1003-MCS were specifically designed as compact masking machines for small motion picture screens and home theaters. These mechanisms are equipped with a sprocket drive to prevent cable slippage and can be installed in virtually any location, since they occupy little space. These machines have magnetic brakes for more precise stopping and are quiet in operation. Models 1003-MCS include low voltage magnetic control systems for controlling from more than one location and to ease connection to automation systems.

Fixed chain (cable) speed of 25 fpm.

Utilizes Model RC-2 chain (#25 pitch) available as an option.

UL/ETL Listed

Approximate shipping weight: 45 pounds


Curtain machines shall be of fully automatic type equipped with 1/8 HP gearmotor with external magnetic brake on the output drive shaft of which shall be mounted driving sprocket delivering a chain speed of 25 feet per minute. Mechanism shall include remote control switch of three-position maintained toggle type (three-button type used with Models 1003-MCS) to provide reversing action at any point along the travel. Rotary limit switch assembly shall be mounted integrally with gear unit. Machine shall be equipped with idler sprockets, automatic overload protective fuse and facility for conversion to hand operation. The entire mechanism shall be mounted on base for securing to floor or other appropriate means of attachment. Models 1003 and 1003MCS as manufactured by Automatic Devices Company of Allentown, PA.


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